Returning to Tokyo

After spending a few days outside of Tokyo, it was time to pack up and return.  Our trip to Tokyo was spectacular!

Here we are just getting ready at the Shin-Osaka Station to take the Shinkansen back to Tokyo.

Totally miss the awesome sunlight in Osaka even during Autumn.

I bet if I didn’t tell you it was actually November, you would have guessed that it was still in the Summer.  Oh wait, maybe the red leaves would have given it away.

This is where we got our tickets to use the Shinkansen. I really like how convenient it was to exchange tickets using the JR Pass.

Nice convenience store.

We were taking the Hikari train to Tokyo.

Love you can get a beer just about anywhere in Japan. You would be surprised to hear that there aren’t drunk people everywhere in Japan given alcohol is available from a lot of distribution channels. It is great to see that convenience does not automatically translate to abuse. I think when you treat someone like an adult, they are more likely to behave like adults.

I guess if you forgot to get your omiyage (souvenirs) before returning, this is your last resort.  This kiosk on the platform also sells omiyage :)

If you forgot to get your bento from Gozen, then you can also get some yummy bento on the platform.

This train on the opposite platform looks different from what we took before.

It is an N700 train on a test run from the Kyushu Shinkansen.

After settling into our seats, it was time to enjoy our bento :)

And we have lovely sceneries along the way from Osaka to Tokyo.

Doesn’t this look like a construction site at Simcity?

Always wonder what it would be like taking a local train in the countryside of Japan. Would have to try that next time.

Nagoya is another city I would love to visit.

And then we see Mt Fuji in its full glory!

I was paying attention this time since on the way to Osaka, I wasn’t paying enough attention and wasn’t sure if what I saw was Mt. Fuji ^^;

I took a whole bunch of photos using the Sony NEX-5N but these few turned out the best.

The Shinkansen took so little time between Osaka and Tokyo. We took one that does not stop at every station so it didn’t take as long to arrive in Tokyo.  And we were so happy to see the Yamanote train again :)

During the brief few days, we visited a few places like Kakegawa, Osaka and Kyoto. Here is a summary of what we saw in each place.


  1. Kakegawa
  2. Haranoya Station
  3. Kamo Iris Garden
  4. Kakegawa Sunset
  5. City of Kakegawa
  6. Kamo Iris Garden Green House
  7. Kakegawa Castle
  8. Kakegawa Castle Palace and Tea Room
  1. Shinkansen to Osaka
  2. Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka
  3. Namba Walk
  4. Shopping at LIFE Supermarket
  5. Dōtonbori
  6. Kani Douraku
  7. Hozen-ji
  8. How to open your takoyaki store?
  9. Chibo Okonomiyaki
  10. Dōtonbori at Night
  11. Doguyasuji at Night
  12. Otaroad
  13. How to make Okonomiyaki

Our adventure in Tokyo continues :)

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    I remember one evening we saw an older, drunk salaryman on the train– he was sleeping on the seats but later he got up and maybe left for his stop? Luckily didn’t smell barf during our train rides in general ^^;


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