Today, we found ourselves visiting Yoyogi Park in Harajuku. Since it was late spring, it was fantastic to see the trees all came back with fluffy new leaves. The spring green colour made me wonder how wonderful this park would be in autumn when the maple leaves all turn red at the same time.

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It was our first time trying Freshness Burger. The chain was founded in 1992 but it was not until this trip that we finally got around to try it. The burgers made here were more like burgers from North America. If you have tried MOS Burger and you didn’t quite like the Japanese spin of burgers offered, you might like Freshness Burger instead.

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Here are the rest of the photos I took of Sensou-ji and Asakusa. Asakusa is the first place I have ever lodged in Tokyo back in 2003. I like how it has been changing quite slowly, though I think there are more rapid changes recently – to adapt to the increasing importance of the tourism industry. Though the main stretch of Nakamese is starting to feel more like a tourist trap, the rest of Asakusa is still feeling like the good old days. If you are willing to take a longer stroll around, you will find other interesting parts of Asakusa that have retained the traditional Japanese flavour.

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More photos from Asakusa. We were walking in this quiet neighbourhood for a little while looking at everything we came across. It was definitely worth spending an afternoon in Asakusa.

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More photos from last year’s trip to Tokyo in May. These were previously posted on my flickr account and it is not until now that I have some time to post them here. Sorry about the wait. We visited Sensou-ji (浅草寺). As a lot of you might know it is located in Asakusa (浅草). If you have been there before, have you noticed any difference?

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Even in late April, the weather in Tokyo was warm enough that we were basically out and about with just a t-shirt during the day, and maybe occasionally a fleece jacket at night. It was a very nice evening and the cats were out hanging out with locals.

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Tokyo Tower from afar. We were at the World Trade Center at Hamamatsucho. The timing couldn’t be better as we were lucky enough to see the sunset, setting behind Tokyo Tower.

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Some random photos from my iPhone 5 after returning from Tokyo. Life has been rather busy and it is hard to squeeze time for photo editing. These will have to do for now.

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