Otaroad (オタロード) is Osaka’s version of Akiba. There you will find tonnes of toys, games, anime and manga related merchandise. There are lots of shops that sell a great collection of otaku related goods and if you are into Japanese anime and manga, you are in for a treat.

I didn’t know about this place until I read about Danny Choo’s blog post back in September.

It is not difficult to find as long as you have a map with you ^^;

We basically walked here from our hotel located in Namba. If you ever want to come to Osaka, I would recommend giving the Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka a try. It saved us having to take the train, almost everywhere we have been accessible by foot.  And the view from the hotel is breathtaking!

Do you recognize any of these posters?  Are you watching any of those anime?

Multi-story tall wall poster!

Volks Inc. Osaka! Some of you might be familiar with this company. They make expensive toys to say the least.

We went up to their Dollfie Dreams showroom. Wife took a bunch of photos in their photo area.

Other than toy stores, of course, you would also see maids on the street inviting you to their Maid Cafes!

And sometimes you might even find Celty from デユラララ around here.

You will also find shops for Cosplay equipment ^^;

Otaroad in Osaka is unique enough that if you are in the area, you should pay a visit.

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