Tokyo Trip 2013 – 02

We started our second day of our trip with lots of sunshine. It was not hot, but just warm enough so that we don’t need our jackets. Here is a photo of the front entrance of the apartment we stayed at.

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Cannele & Honeybun

We were visiting the Steveston Winter Market and ran into Cannele & Honeybun. Out of all the merchants in the winter market, what caught my attention is the nice presentation Cannele & Hunnybun’s products, as well as the very unique products that they sell.

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Avenue 18 Fine Tea Merchant

I like coffee a lot, and I enjoy a good cup of latte whenever I can afford it. Vancouver is filled with great coffee places and it is not difficult to find alternatives of Starbucks and Seattle’s Best. However, I have also grown to like tea a lot. In Richmond, there aren’t too many good coffee places. When we hang out in Richmond, we find ourselves going to tea places instead. Well, this time we found ourselves stumbling upon this tea merchant.

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Finn Slough

Finn Slough is a very small community located in the south side of Richmond. There are maybe a population of 30 in this little community. It was found by Finnish settlers who came to this location in the late 1800’s.

These photos were taken earlier this year and the weather was rather cold even though it was a sunny day.

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Spring in Minoru Park

Winter has come and gone, we are having milder and milder weather. The other weekend, we went out to Minoru Park when it was nice out and enjoyed walking around the park for a little.

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