Trains in Tokyo

I always wonder how it would be like being an operator of these advanced trains in Japan. It does not feel too difficult looking at how the operator does it.  But there are lots of knowledge going into operating one of these trains. Especially when you want to stop the extra long train at exactly the position at the station. It is not like you have a lot of room for error….

This is a train platform at Nakano station. Platforms here are long. Trains are typically 10 to 15 cars long and that is more like a train. Trains here are built for the metropolis capacity and ridership.  The efficiency of trains here is super amazing. They are accurate to the seconds and are dependable transportation that people in Japan can enjoy using.

Another view of the platform. The network of railways and subways in Tokyo is one of the most connected I have ever experienced.  There are so many different kinds of train services to choose from and you can get from one place to another in very little time. I like this system even better than the MRT system in Hong Kong.

The other tiny little detail about trains here is that all the cars and doors are labelled.  Why? Well if there is an incident, you can quickly communicate to the authority where on the train the incident has occurred.  Also, it makes it easier for passengers to position themselves for the preferred position on the train for more convenient access to the desired exit at the destination station.  Little things like this help the efficiency of a society in some minute but magical ways.

And train lines are colour-coded. The same colour is used to mark the platform. Once you get used to it, you will know exactly which platform to get on to regardless if the station has 16 platforms.

And of course, what is a train station in Japan without anime art advertising posters? These posters are not small posters and they are well lit. You may think that “yeah, of course, they are”.  Well, such is not the case where I live and you have to wonder why customers like to pay for dimly lit advertising space??

Apart from trains, we also took the metro subway and they are really well connected to trains as well. You could use the same ticket on train and subway service even though they are operated by different companies. Prepaid smart card system like Suica card can also be used in both as well. You have got to love the convenience of a well-implemented train/subway system such as this one in Tokyo.

The next train we need to try is the shinkansen!

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