3 Days from Fall

Officially we are going into fall on September 22 this year, but we are already enjoying the fall scenery.

Was at Stanley Park during the weekend and here we are seeing red leaves on trees, as well as leaves on the ground. It is definitely the fall season.

Fall is usually the start of our rainy season. Luckily we had some sun peeking out from time to time to make this a very enjoyable time of the year.

Here is a mini playground that looks quite empty. I wonder if kids these days are spending too much time on facebook….

With the season changing, it reminds me of Halloween coming up in about 7 weeks, and Christmas in about 14 weeks :P

Got to love the convenience of Stanley Park being so close to downtown Vancouver. You could jog around the park during lunch hour and be back at work for the afternoon office meeting :)

You can drive around Stanley Park, it is one way traffic around the park. Or you can take one of these on a nice day to enjoy the scenery slowly.

There are some patches of sand along the north side of Stanley Park, wish they are a little bit bigger.

I wonder what this place look like during a typical work day, would it look so leisurely?

I felt I totally own the park from time to time while walking around on the weekend as there were so few people around me.

And lastly, I wasn’t going to climb up this dead tree but I admire the details on the bark and how they manage to preserve a piece of historical evidence in the middle of the park.

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