Haranoya Station

Haranoya Station (原谷駅) is an old train station that is both an operating station as well as a tourist attraction in Kakegawa. It is fascinating to see an old train station as this is something definitely difficult to find around Tokyo area.  It is like visiting a scene in an anime!

This is the entrance of the station. I was told the train only runs once in an hour. We didn’t stay there to see the train but it would have been something if we were lucky enough to see an old train as well.

Inside the train station has wooden bench for people to use while waiting for the train.

Inside the station has this Taiko, some tatami and older furniture. It is quite neat.

I love the Japanese sliding doors, and windows for that matters. It is so space-spacing and modern at the same time!  What’s up with swing doors anyway?!

See how the tracks merge to one as they leave the station!  This train line is not a frequently used train line and apparently do not need dedicated tracks for each direction.

The two platforms of the station.

We had fun visiting an old train station.  Next time we come here, I wish to see the train as well!

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