We arrived at Kakegawa (掛川), a town west of Shizuoka.  We were excited to see the countryside of Japan. This is also my first-time travel outside of Tokyo during a trip to Japan.

This is the platform at Kakegawa Station.

This is outside the train station. There are hotels nearby and is quite convenient for travellers.

And this is a Kakegawa edition service hole cover.

We were so lucky that the weather cooperated. It was a perfect autumn sunny day!

We were staying at the Toyoko Inn at Kakegawa. It is pretty new and has good facility. If you were to travel to Japan and are looking for budget and good quality hotel chain, Toyoko Inn is a good choice.

Was very happy to see some older Japanese residential houses at Kakegawa. It is rather difficult to find these in Tokyo.

Green lawn is another good sign of space. None of the over-populated problems we feel in bigger cities.

More residential houses. Really want to visit one and see what it is like inside.


And there is more open space.  Of course, people will have to drive and it is typical for a family to have 2 cars in the countryside.  People can get a license as young as 18 years old.

Driving in the countryside is definitely a lot more relaxing.  There is less traffic and drivers are more laid back.

Would love to drive in Japan one day, at least in the countryside :)

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