After getting back to Tokyo, we are off to meeting some friends in Ikebukuro. In the past couple of trips, we visited Ikebukuro a lot because we love to shop there.  This time, we are here to see friends and meet new people and it was just great coming back here for a brief visit.

Ikebukuro is always lit up. I like how bright this city is at night.

There are always tones of people here as well. It is also where the story of デユラララ!! anime starts. Visit Crunchyroll to watch デユラララ!!and see how many places in Ikebukuro do you recognize!

There are always tones of young people at Ikebukuro, probably because of the game centres, anime and manga stores around here.  Of course there are tones of coffee shops, karaoke, pachinko and maid cafes here as well.

And if you like to catch a movie, there is a cinema here, too.

And more shopping.

After meeting up with our friends, we went to have pizzas for dinner.

Surprisingly, the pizzas were actually very good. We were in for a treat!

After dinner, we went to find more anime and toys. Came across Amlux in Ikebukuro and saw this itasha inside Amlux! The characters on the Toyota came from the Idolm@ster.

animate is another anime, manga and games related store. Full of goodies!  If you visit Ikebukuro and are interested in these goodies, you should not miss this store.

Game centres are quite popular. They have games that cannot be replicated on a console because the controls and visuals might require dedicated hardware. Those are worth spending money to play at the game centre!

KFC reminds me of what Danny said about Christmas :P

Finally it was time to say goodbye to our friends. It was fun meeting up and thanks for showing us around. I can’t believe it was more than a month ago when we met. Time flies and I am sure it will soon be time when we see each other again!

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2 Responses to Ikebukuro at night

  1. Carlos says:

    I am reading your posts about Japan and there are great photos! I went to Japan in last April to spend my vacation and stayed in a hotel at Ikebukuro. It is a great place!

    I visited many places that you posted here and I enjoyed too much. I am trying to write about and show some photos of the trip in my blog too.

    I love japan and I hope to return soon.

    • Kam says:

      Hi Carlos, yes Ikebukuro is very nice. I would stay there again the next time we visit Tokyo.