Shopping at LIFE Supermarket

After spending some time at local supermarkets like LIFE, I realized that the groceries expenses in Tokyo and Osaka are pretty similar to those in Vancouver.  For example, imported alcohol like Yellow Tail from Australia costs ¥858 (roughly about C$11). The same bottle of Yellow Tail retails here at C$13.  Let’s take a look at other items….

おにぎり(onigiri – rice ball) costs ¥98 each and 20% off before closing. We don’t really have this at any supermarket in Vancouver so can’t really compare but if you are on a tight budget or would rather spend your dinner budget on that extra bottle of wine, getting a couple of these for dinner will fill you up. And it is not bad food either.

So bento is another good way to save money.  These are nice sushi bentos with lots of choices and they cost a bit more.  ¥990 at regular price and 20% off before store closing. We tried it during our last trip and these bentos are of high quality and tastes very fresh as well.

Some kind of smoked fish.  Yum!! Less than ¥300 each.

If you like fish, you get lots here as well.

LIFE is not as crowded and small as I thought. In Hong Kong, a lot of supermarkets have extra narrow lanes and it is difficult to pass other customers in a lane.  Here it is just like those in Vancouver. Lots of room and feel a lot more relaxed shopping here.

Do you like mushrooms?  There are tonnes of different kinds here.

Big fat mushrooms!!! I can already imagine them in a broth with other veggies and onions….

Veggies here look perfect. Wonder how they do it… did they throw away the bad ones or did all of them come perfectly?

There are also tonnes of food imported from overseas. Choices are not an issue here.

I think juices are cheaper here in Japan.  Anything you like to try?

Japanese desserts are so cute.  Mochi with ice-cream inside.  So yummy~

And if you like to have the super-sized  ice-cream cone, here is your chance!

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  1. Edward
    Edward says:

    Then sales day comes and these supermarkets become very crowded. At least the ones we have near our place in Osaka become very crowded. ^^ Interested what you said about prices. I find prices, especially produce to be cheaper in Osaka than it is here in SE Michigan. Prices overall are too high here in SE Michigan.

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      I do find living in Vancouver quite expensive especially after all the sales tax and income tax. Roughly 50% of my income is taken away after taxes. :(

  2. Chris J
    Chris J says:

    I noticed LIFE was more expensive than other markets like Matsumoto. But since Life was just around the corner and Matsumoto was about a 10 minute bike ride… I went to Life all the time. I have good memories of “Life” in Japan.


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