If you are in the Dōtonbori area, you can also visit Hozen-ji. It is an interesting temple right in between Dōtonbori and Namba.

The template is very open, and is not very big.

But it smacks right in the middle of the shopping and restaurant district of Dōtonbori. That makes it a nice pit stop to slow down and enjoy something different.

Really like how they hang up the lanterns. Too bad we didn’t come back at night to take photos of the lanterns.

There are also other kinds of lanterns.

You can worship Mizukake Fudo and make your wish.  You are supposed to douse water on it after making your wish.

And here is where you get the water from. You pump it from a well.

Funny we worship cute cats more so than any local gods.

And because Hozen-ji is in the middle of shopping and restaurant businesses, it is also surrounded by taller buildings. It took us a walk around the block to find the entrance to it.

Some local businesses around Hozen-ji.

Would love to try some of these places the next time we visit.

And there we are at the entrance of Hozen-ji again.

To the right of the entrance, you will see the  a big fish sculpture on a building. It is quite spectacular.

It is an omiyage store right under.  Hope this will help you find Hozen-ji if you are planning to visit.

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