Namba Walk

After settling into our hotel, it’s time to find some dinner.  The weather was crisp and chilly and we opt to walk underground at Namba Walk.

Ran into マクドナルド but thought it would be a waste of appetite to have fast food while we were in Osaka, skip.

This looked yummy but we pressed on to walked around a bit more before settling in.

The omelette rice looked really good as well, but we needed to see more choices…

Bento would have been okay except if we chose bento, we would have to go back to the hotel to have it… So moving on….

No food here for sure.

At least now we know where the ticket office is.

Cute things were distracting me :P

Finally, look what we found! お好み焼き!!Okonomiyaki originates from Kansai region where Osaka is so it was great to be able to try it right here!  The name of the restaurant is Milky Way!

Before we went in, I was smelling the okonomiyaki being made inside, and checking out the different combinations at the display.  Didn’t know you can have so many different ways to make okonomiyaki :)

I got interested in the seafood beef combo.  ¥1,300 was a bit more than we usually pay for ramen but I had to try what is good here as well!

Got seated and there was the hot plate built right into the dining table.  We didn’t know if we were going to cook it ourselves.

Drinks menu… all Japanese ^^;

Food menu…  pretty much all Japanese ^^;;;;

We ordered the seafood beef combo, as wells a regular meat okonomiyaki.  Both were the regular style.  Didn’t try the ネギ (green onion) or the 広島 (Hiroshima) style this time.

The photo speaks for itself :)

Special utensil to eat okonomiyaki with.

Since we didn’t speak much Japanese, the waitress figured that it would be better to help us prepare the food.  Customer service in Japan is awesome!

Shrimp being pan fried!!

And it is done! Actually, it took about 15 minutes to cook everything but here it is.

And the second okonomiyaki.  We were so hungry that we dug right in without taking too many photos of them. It was warm and filling!

After the okonomiyaki, I needed a dessert.  Left Milky Way, we walked around some more to look for desserts.

By that time, a lot of shops were starting to close but we managed to find this coffee shop that serves desserts.

There are different kinds of parfaits.

And here they are.  I had a coffee red bean parfait and wife had a mango parfait.  No wonder I gained weight.

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  1. Edward
    Edward says:

    I’m feeling a little homesick right about now. I often walk through here when I’m downtown. Lots of nice cafes. Don’t think I have eaten in this restaurant. The best okonomiyaki is alway found in Osaka. ^^ Freshness burger is one of our favoite places for fast food.

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Will have to try Freshness Burger next time we visit. We enjoyed the okonomiyaki and we miss it, too. When are you going home next time?


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