How to make Okonomiyaki

So what if you want to make okonomiyaki? Here at Milky Way in Osaka, we got the chef to illustrate how to make okonomiyaki for us. Firstly, we have the Hiroshima style, also known as hiroshimayaki. Then we have the Negiyaki (okonomiyaki with spring onions).  Both are very delicious and easy to make… my wife can attest :P

1. Fry the meat and noodles a little bit.

2. While the meat and noodles are being cooked, you can also start cooking the okonomiyaki mix (you can get the mix from most Japanese stores and prepare it using the accompanied instructions, my wife likes to use flour instead).

3. Put a piece of meat on the okonomiyaki mix and put lots of chopped cabbage on top.

4. Put some more goodies like bacon on top :)

5. Then the noodles.

6. Add an egg in the middle.

7. Add more meat around the egg if you like (I like).

8. Add some more okonomiyaki mix on top to seal it :P

9. Looking good….  When the bottom looks somewhat solidified, flip it upside down to cook the ingredients on the top.

10. When both sides are done, you can add the okonomiyaki sauce.

11. Add some mayonnaise.

12. Add some aonori.

13. Finally, add a generous amount of bonito flakes and you are done!

Next we will take a look at how to make Negiyaki.

1. First, cook some meat and the okonomiyaki mix as before.

2. After the meat is half cooked, put them on the okonomiyaki mix. Then add a lot of chopped spring onions.

3. If you have tenkatsu (agedama) around, you can also add them.

4. Add some pickled ginger in the middle.

5. Then add an egg.

6. Add the rest of the okonomiyaki mix.

7. Flip it over a couple of times to ensure it is cooked.  Then add some ponzu sauce to add extra flavour.

8. It is almost there.

9. Finally add a generous amount of bonito flakes and it is done!

Between the different styles of okonomiyaki we had, I like the hiroshimayaki and the regular okonomiyaki the best. The negiyaki does not taste as good as the other two.

We are glad we had a chance to try all these okonomiyaki while we were in Osaka.  What is better than having local food while traveling?

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