Kamo Iris Garden and Villa

Our friends at Kakegawa took us to an Iris garden and it is a great experience visiting a traditional Japanese villa that has a sunroom for the flowers when they are not in season. Iris are not blooming in this season but we did get to see a lot of them in the sunroom.  But before I show you the sunroom, I would like to show you the villa.

This is the main entrance of Kamo Iris Garden.

The sign shows you where to pay for the entrance fee.

To the right of the entrance, there are lots of hanging baskets.

To the left is a pond. There are water lilies but it is not the season so no flowers to be seen.  Further from the pond is the green house.

Really like the details in the traditional Japanese architecture. The roof tiles are beautiful!

This court yard is still free for public access. You are not required to pay before you go inside the buildings of the villa.

Right beside the court yard, there is a room with tatami inside. This room was used by guards back in the days.

Did I say I love sliding windows?

In the court yard, there are a few of these zen rock decorations. They are really nicely made.

But could set you back ¥600,000!!

The court yard is lovely and it is so enjoyable to just look around and observe the Japanese landscaping. To enter the villa, you would have to pay ¥1,000. Here are some photos I took of the inside of the villa.

They serve Ama Sake and some okashi as well. It is included in the admission fee.

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  1. Fabrice
    Fabrice says:

    Hey what are you doing in my villa! ^^

    Looks very nice, this suits more in kyoto but i havent been to kanegawa so cant really judge.


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