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Tokyo Trip / 2013.21 / Ameyoko / Akihabara

A quick walk in the Ameyoko, which is right next to the Ueno Station. It is full of shops for food, clothes, shoes, drugs and restaurants. Then we decided to go to Akihabara for a little bit. Night time at Akihabara is very colourful. Lots of shops still open until late. And not to mention […]

Tokyo Trip / 2013.20 / Ueno Park / Shinobazu Pond

After taking a long stroll inside Ueno Park, the next place to visit is Shinobazu Pond. It is inside Ueno Park towards the west of the park. There are usually food stands there selling traditional Japanese food. It is also a great place to visit if you like to take a ride on a boat […]

Tokyo Trip / 2013.19 / Ueno Park / Peony Festival

When we were visiting Ueno Park, there happened to be having a peony festival. Admission was 600 yen, totally worth checking out. I imagine they probably have it on an annual basis in early May. Inside this part of the park, it is covered by a lot of taller trees so even on a sunny […]

Tokyo Trip / 2013.18 / Ueno Park

Next, we went to Ueno Park. Uneo Park is also one of my favourite parks in Tokyo. It has a good variety of cultural facilities as well as lots of trees around. It is definitely a place where you can easily spend a whole day to enjoy the facilities and nature. It is also very […]

Tokyo Trip / 2013.17 / Shinjuku

We ended up spending part of our evening in Shinjuku. After dinner and to refresh a but after a long day of walking around, we continued to walk a little bit more until our feet gave out.

Tokyo Trip / 2013.16 / Shinjuku Gyoen

Here are a few more photos of Shinjuku Gyoen. We did spend a few hours strolling around in this lovely park. If you like parks in the city, Tokyo has quite a few of them to offer. And Shinjuku Gyoen is my favourite park of all the ones I have visited.

Tokyo Trip / 2013.15 / Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen was our next destination. It is about 10 minutes walk towards the east direction from the Shinjuku JR Station. It is a huge park and be prepared to spend at least a few hours there if you want to see everything. Personally, I think it deserves a whole day to enjoy the different […]

Tokyo Trip / 2013.13 / Yoyoki Park

Here are part 2 of the photos from Yoyogi Park, Harajuku. Spring weather in Tokyo is pretty similar to that of Vancouver except I think they have more sunny days in Tokyo than Raincouver.