Kamo Iris Garden Green House

Nearly forgot to post about the Green House at Kamo Iris Garden. This is a greenhouse that has a traditional Japanese building appearance but has transparent roofs to let light through. It is quite something to see as there are so many plants inside.

When we finished visiting the villa, we walked through the exit at the back of the villa and through a path surrounded by bamboos, then we arrived at the greenhouse.

Love the details of traditional Japanese architecture.

Here we are inside the greenhouse facing the entrance.

And turned around 180 degrees, we are facing the inside of the greenhouse.

Loads of plants. If you are a plant person, you would love this place.

And of course, there are irises.

I mean, lots of irises.

I think these are African Irises… not too sure.

I have never seen hanging baskets this big before.

And they are everywhere.

I supposed you can enjoy your afternoon tea here by the irises.

This is where you can get refreshments and souvenirs.

After spending some time inside the greenhouse, it is time to make a move.

Sunset is so nice!  Kakegawa is full of nice surprises!

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  1. esther jusuf
    esther jusuf says:

    Hi! May i ask you a couple of question. When did you visit this garden, was it on November? Did you go on weekdays or weekend? Tq.


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