Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka

A friend recommended this hotel in Osaka and we were lucky to be able to book it in a very short amount of lead time.  We happened to find it in and it was at a pretty decent price. With this booking confirmed, we are spending a few days in the Osaka neighbourhood.

This is part of our room, actually not…  This is part of the entrance when we got off from the elevator to the lobby. This hotel is setup to be on the top floors of a commercial building so the lobby is on the 22nd floor.  When we got off the elevator, we were greeted by a nice Christmas display.

The check-in was pretty straight forward and hassle free. Since the booking was made online and already paid for, they didn’t even have to get my credit card.  We were assigned a room on the 28th floor.

And when we got up to our hotel room, we couldn’t believe the view! The window is facing west and we had a sunset view of the city!  Too bad there wasn’t a balcony and I had to take photos behind the windows.  But the view was quite amazing. So while we unpacked a bit, we were basically watching the sunset from our hotel room.

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