Kakegawa Castle

Before we left Kakegawa, we also visited the Kakegawa Castle (掛川城天守閣).  This is my first time in a Japanese castle and it was great seeing one.

The entrance has the direction to where you can pay for your entrance fee. It includes the entrance ticket to the castle and the ticket to the palace.

Taking a peek at the castle from afar at the entrance.

The castle was built on top of a hill, appropriately situated as it was a great place for observing the city of Kakegawa.

After walking up the steps to the base of the castle, you get a good view of the city already.

The other nearby buildings are also part of the Kakegawa Castle, the one of the right is the palace building.

This was taken inside the castle at the top level.

The entire castle was build with wood. Inside there are displays of different historical artifacts.

I found myself constantly being drawn towards the traditional Japanese architecture.

Nice beams!

After finished exploring the inside, we followed the direction and started walking downhill towards the palace.

There we see more of the side of the castle.

Will show you the photos I took of the palace in the next blog post.

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