This is our first time to Osaka and Dōtonbori (道頓堀) in Osaka is a must-visit attraction. We were leisurely walking through the shopping streets in the area and took loads of pictures. Here are some to share with you.

This part of Dōtonbori is so iconic. Wonder what it looks like during festivities?

So many huge wall size advertisements! Love wall size photos. Like to have some in our home office.

There are also tones of 3D looking commercial decorations. Wonder if you can go to school to learn about how to create them!!

Glico!! Have you had any Glico products? I remember when I was growing up in Hong Kong, we had lots of Glico products.

I think I would simply get lost in the crowd here! There seem to be no end to the amount of people who come out to enjoy the season.

Love how much street food there is. The whole street smells so good.

Discount store ドン。キホーデ!

Ramen stores are everywhere as well.

This Takoyaki store has a cute mascot hanging in mid air. Too bad the mouth part is a bit lopsided.

Takoyaki again! And this store has a monster (赤鬼) as their mascot.

Okonomiyaki!!! *drools*

Pachinko Slot machines. These stores are always full of people and their smoke! Pachinko is really gambling but I was told there are ways to “win”.

Just like the UFO machines but for a different audience!

All you can eat (放題) restaurants can also be found if you have the flexibility in your guts.  Here ¥2,260 will give you all you can eat and drink!

By this time of the day, we are starting to feel hungry….

After walking around for a while, we decided to look for food….

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    LOL the tako’s mouth could be deliberately lopsided woh… Really love the first photo, the nice weather the perfect reflection, it was a perfect capture! ^O^


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