Winterscape in Steveston

Winter in Vancouver rains a lot.  It is so wet that it feels extra cold.  And because it is so wet, it is particularly difficult to take photos.  I have been slowly accumulating some photos over the past few weeks from random days of dryness and here are some of the Winter photos in Steveston to share with you.

This is sunrise.  I rarely get up early enough to take photos in the morning.  I don’t know what caused me to get up this morning.  It was a clear night before sunrise and everywhere was frosty.

The tip of branches, as well as the odd leaves are coated with a layer of frost.

Was walking along the water with some friends who visited over the holiday.  Love the old barn house style buildings around Steveston.

I am not sure who lives here but apparently there are some very cute houses that have water front access.  I wonder if they rent these out for visitors from out of town as well?

Just before sunset, it feels somewhat tranquil.

Will share more Winter photos with you again later.

I have been thinking about updating my blog theme again.  I would like to have a theme that displays my photos in full width so that you don’t have to click on them to view the bigger version.  Do any of you have any WordPress theme recommendations?

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  1. Tasche
    Tasche says:

    Hey, as a fellow vancouverite, i feel yah…the rain sucks… I love your photos and hope you continue to post them ^^. Would you mind sharing the 2nd to last one with the pink and blue shot?

    Also, currious to know what camera your using, very vibrant and high res.


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