Windy Winter Day in Steveston

Have you had one of those clear, crisp, windy winter days that you are tempted to go out to enjoy the day but was a bit too freezing to go outside?  We had one of those days and I couldn’t help to go outside even though it was cold.

It was chilly, it was close to zero degrees and about 30 km of wind which made it felt below zero.

We saw a few of these birds playing on this tree, guess they were also enjoying the bright sunny winter day.

Just walking not too far from where we live.  Love the blue sky.

Wish it was a bit warmer when I was taking this picture.  With the wind and my shaky hands, it was difficult to get a good shot.

We didn’t see a lot of people on the way out and back.  I was so surprised because Vancouver is known for the rainy Winter and it was a very nice surprise to have some sunny days.  I can’t pass on good opportunities like this to be out.

In Winter, the sun is very low on the sky even in the middle of the afternoon.  Our days are very short in the Winter.  The shortest day of the year in Vancouver this year is Dec 21.  So we are getting very close to reaching the shortest day and once we get pass that day, the days will start to get longer again.  Since the sun is so low, it casts a very long shadow, like those in sunsets.  It certainly makes photos a bit more interesting with long shadows.

Does the length of day light change a lot between seasons where you live?

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    Haha I did not realise that the days are still getting shorter :P probably because it had been somewhat rainy for a few days before today ^^;
    .-= chun´s last blog ..Snow day =-.


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