Downtown Vancouver at Night

Even though I work in downtown, I rarely take my camera to work with me.  But I guess I have to change that as I find the results from night time photography very satisfying.  Now that we still have relatively few hours of sunshine, taking night time photographs after work should be fun.

This was taken just after Christmas.  The Christmas tree was outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The Hudson Bay Company, at the corner of Howe Street and Georgia Street, has the Olympic billboard size posters hanging around the building. We are only 37days away from the opening of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

Do you like Starbucks Coffee?  I prefer the coffee from Caffe Artigiano.  There are a few Caffe Artigiano in downtown and their coffee is strong and yummy. It gets into your blood stream! If you happen to be in town, make sure you try a cup.  My favorite is caramel macchiato.

Behind the flag of Canada is the future location of Hotel Georgia, another luxury hotel/residence after Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver.

I don’t think I am much of a shopper but if you are, Granville Street and Robson Street are great for shoes, clothes, and accessories. They also got tones of restaurants that for sure you should not miss.  I usually just hit Future Shop if I go around this neighbourhood.  I am glad we don’t have Bic Camera or Yodobashi Camera in Vancouver or else I would surely be broke.

Speaking of Yodobashi Camera, I am sure those who have visited Tokyo and love electronics would not miss this store. They do not only sell Cameras but all sorts of electronics like cell phones, computers, home electronics, home appliances, books, golfing goods, toys and Gundams!  I got my Perfect Grade Strike Gundam when I was there last year.

Inside Yodobashi Camera, Kichijoji from Erik and Erika on Vimeo.

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