Migrating Birds

Got some photos of migrating bird sighting to share with you. These were taken back in October. Moving put taking photos on a backseat and now I am catching up to post photos I took last month.

Flock of birds migrate away from Vancouver every Autumn.  It is quite a scene as there can be thousands flying in one direction on any given day.

I think the forces of nature is very powerful and I am glad that I have a chance to observe this. Do we know why some birds migrate but not all do?

I am just glad that we don’t have to migrate every year. Speaking of migration, a lot of us do migrate from one country to another and I am one of those imported from Hong Kong to Vancouver. The cost of migration is huge and the change in lifestyle can be very challenging. I wonder how my parents got the will to overcome challenges we had to face.

One thing for sure: the older we get, the harder it is for us to uproot ourselves and start anew. If you were to migrate to another country, when do you think you will have to accomplish it before you think it is too big of a risk to take?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just try out migration?  Actually a lot of people do.  They go traveling on working VISA’s to other countries.  I have not tried that and maybe it is something to think about before I get too old :P

Tim Ferriss said it is important to take “mini retirements“. Isn’t it just another way to think about how life could have been if you don’t have to live only one way in your life?  BTW, if you have not read Four Hour Work Week, you probably should.

And it is also important to think about life goals and how to realize them.  I love reading Danny’s motivational blog posts.  The funny thing is he always hides those posts in some Photo Walk posts.  For example, one of his latest Photo Walk blog posts talks about how it was like starting his own company with his own savings, and how they overcame risks and pressure of having no income for a couple of years.  All great startups got great stories behind them.  And Danny’s is one of them.  Read about it here.

I really find what Danny aims to do for himself and his clients makes so much more sense.  It is definitely a true challenge for a startup as his business model and solution concept is very compelling for clients, but is extremely difficult to achieve when there is no income until the solution is ready for prime time.  Think about how easy it would be for us to just bend our strategies and start charging clients with a customized solution, and forgot what we really wanted to achieve for the greater goal?

Who are your motivational figures?  If you read and get inspired by others, please feel free to share them with me.  I would love to read about them, too.

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