A few weeks ago we went to see a cat show and met some new friends.


There was a breeder from Chilliwack showcasing their bengals.


They have amazingly nice fur, like leopard’s fur.


These cats are super curious and friendly.

They are a rare breed and you certainly don’t find them everywhere.

They are not cheap though.  They are generally in the range of $1000+ depending on their fur pattern and colour, and if you are going to breed them or not.

We were lucky to also see this really rare medium hair bengal.  Bengals usually don’t have medium hair and this smart guy is definitely very unique.

We love cats.  They are very good companions around the house.  They are generally very low maintenance and they are inherently very clean animals.  We had our big mean cat meow meow with us for the longest time until he passed away unexpectedly earlier this year.  We now have two cats and they are adorable little creatures we adopted from the Richmond Animal Protection Society.  To us, pets are like family and making a cat friendly environment is part of what made getting our new place organized taking more time than usual.

Do you have pets? If not, would you adopt some cats?

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  1. YuKi-To
    YuKi-To says:

    I personally prefer dogs ever since I was wee lad…

    but seeing you and Chun’s cats definitely made me love cats a bit more xD

    I generally love pets but I don’t think I should adopt one, not sure how I would fare as an owner.. ^^;
    .-= YuKi-To´s last blog ..Soya Sauce Chicken =-.

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Dogs are fun animals. They are very good companions. I have grown up with a couple small dogs and find them very fun to be with. The good thing about dogs is you can take them wherever you go as long as you bring their essential supplies with you. The same cannot be said about cats.


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