Shinjuku Gyoen

Tokyo has a lot of gardens and parks, and most of them are nice and big with lots to see. For example,  Shinjuku Gyoen is a place we are lucky enough to enjoy for the second time, once in the Spring back in 2007 and another time during this trip during in fall. It was nice to see how this park changes in colour in different seasons and I really enjoyed seeing the red leaves in this park.

Shinjuku Gyoen is big, it actually has 3 entrances. One of which is close to Sendagaya train station.

Sendagaya Station is on the Chūō-Sobu Line, it was an easy route for us staying at Nakano.

The train station is not big, but at the same time, it does not feel stressful.

I think it is one of the smaller train stations I have used in Metro Tokyo area.

Once we got out of the station, to our left is the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium (東京体育館). I didn’t know this is so close to Shinjuku Gyoen.

Tsuda College (津田塾大学) is also right opposite from the train station.

Just thought I love how popular bicycles are here in Japan. I am always impressed by how many bikes I see here compared to what I see at home in Vancouver.

After walking pass an underpass below the railway, we are here at the Sendagaya entrance of Shinjuku Gyoen.

You will have to get a ticket to visit the park.

These are some interesting admission tickets. The display in the middle created by some magnetic imprint. Inside the display is some magnetic power that can be attracted to the imprint and that is how the letters are “printed” on. This makes the ticket reusable, therefore quite environmentally friendly. The bad part is I don’t get to keep the ticket :(

Once we went in, it wasn’t long before we can find some red leaves.

I can’t stop laughing at how ridiculously long this cat is.

After spending a couple of hours at Shinjuku Gyoen, we had to hit the road for our next destination. I miss being here in Spring time and maybe we will have another chance in the future.

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  1. zat
    zat says:

    Hi I’m glad I stumbled upon ur blog. Your photos here in Shinjuku gyoen are stunning.
    May I know when in November did u visited the park? I’m planning to visit Tokyo in early November this year and wonder if I can catch the gorgeous skies like your pictures. I guess it must be mid or late Nov right?..hopefully I could catch beautiful weather during my stay.

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Hi zat, we were in Tokyo between Nov 15 and Nov 29. We were lucky that it was sunny and was able to catch some red leaves :) Good luck with your trip planning and have fun in Japan!


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