Nakano Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood where we are staying is pretty quiet and convenient. We are only 5 minutes from the shops and 6 minutes from the trains. I took some photos of the neighbourhood at night using the Sony NEX-5N without a tripod and these photos turn out pretty nicely.

A local grocery store, it opens until 1 AM and it has two floors, one for produce and another for household supplies.

We would love to try these izakaya restaurants some day.

The streets in the neighbourhood are quiet in the evening but it feels very safe to walk around.

Can you guess what kind of shop this is?

Of course, what is a street in Japan without vending machines?

The moon was shining high and bright on an Autumn evening here for us. The other amazing thing in Japan is that you can leave bikes around without locking them up. Back home I am certain we can’t do that. What is it about the Japanese culture that preserves this kind of honesty within the society even in a metropolis like Tokyo?

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