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Tokyo Tower from afar. We were at the World Trade Center at Hamamatsucho. The timing couldn’t be better as we were lucky enough to see the sunset, setting behind Tokyo Tower.

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Recently came back from a trip to Tokyo and I would like to share the photos taken during the trip with you. Photo equipment I took with me includes my iPhone 5 and my lightweight camera – Sony NEX-5N.

You can also browse the set of photos taken using the iPhone 5 on flickr.

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Was at the Steveston Village and was lucky enough to get some handheld early evening photo shooting. Here are some photos that are not blurry ^^; Read Full Article →

It is my first time trying to capture lightning.  It does not happen a lot in Vancouver and therefore I don’t get a lot of practise.  Tonight I just happened to be at home and the camera batter is charged so I played a little.  It is a lot of fun.

Setting the camera to shoot at 4 sec shutter speed helps a lot.  Since I don’t have a remote for the Sony camera, I had to hold on to the shutter button so that it shoots continuously.  Of the ~200 shots I took, this is the only one I can share.  The other 190+ shots didn’t catch any lightning. The few that did, not all are nice.

It is kind of like fishing, except no life is harmed from shooting lightning with a camera :)

I selected a few of the sakura photos I took earlier this month and made them in iPad retina display resolution. Feel free to download them from the Wallpaper page!

We caught the last day of Tori no Ichi at Juzaisan Chokoku-ji (Temple of Tori) in Asakusa. Many people came here to pray for good health, good fortune and good business.  Tori no Ichi is an annual event held in November.

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After getting back to Tokyo, we are off to meeting some friends in Ikebukuro. In the past couple of trips, we visited Ikebukuro a lot because we love to shop there.  This time, we are here to see friends and meet new people and it was just great coming back here for a brief visit.

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Merry Christmas!! Actually I can’t believe it is Christmas already. Hope you are all having a great Christmas holiday season and spending a wonderful time with your loved ones.