First Night in Tokyo

After arriving at Nakano, we spent the first night getting reacquainted with Nakano.  We visited this place the past couple times visiting Tokyo but never stayed here before. There are so many shops and restaurants that it is virtually impossible to finish trying them all.

Near Nakano Broadway, there is a shopping street with lots of shops and places to eat.

Cozy Corner’s cakes are delicious!

This shop sells deep fried chicken, actually different parts of a chicken. And they don’t have any seating so it is only for take out orders.

In case you are craving real Japanese sushi, this restaurant has it on special!

This is a restaurant for Katsu (deep fried meat). I want to try this soon.

After walking around a bit, we ended up going back to a ramen shop we tried last time.

Wife had hers with eggs and charsiu.

Mine is the season limited (秋味まる). It has different kinds of mushrooms and some pork on a thick tongotsu soup. I ordered mine with extra noodles (替え玉) for an extra ¥100.  Almost couldn’t finish….

We really enjoyed the ramen and thanked the chef for preparing us such a good meal. ごちそうさま!

After dinner, we continued to explore the neighbourhood.  We ran into K’On outside a UFO machine shop!

We decided to step into some side streets and found tonnes more restaurants.

Nice alley with a couple of dudes joking outside of the restaurant.  As it turns out, they were there to solicit customers into the restaurant.

Really like the lanterns.

Really want to try all these food.

If you are going to be in Tokyo, do consider visiting Nakano for the different restaurants it offers.

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