iPhone 3GS and Trip to Hong Kong – Part 1

Recently took a vacation and went to Hong Kong for a visit. It has been almost 5 years since I last visited. This trip was mainly to catch up with friends and family, as well as for food and shopping. I didn’t bring my Canon gear with me, instead, I had with me an older iPhone 3GS and my newish Lumix GF2 for the trip. Here are some photos I took using the iPhone 3GS. To my surprise, the older iPhone performed pretty well with Camera+.

All the photos in this post were taken using the iPhone 3GS.

Took the redeye flight from Vancouver. At 2 AM, there weren’t too may travellers at the airport. It worked out really well.

When I arrived in Hong Kong after a 12-hour flight, it was 7 AM local time.  Having been able to sleep on the plane, I was ready to enjoy my vacation without loosing a minute :)

Got a can of NesCafe coffee for change to make a phone call. The coffee was so-so…

Took the airport express train from the Hong Kong International Airport to Hong Kong Station in Central. The train has very good sound proofing and suspension, the ride was really enjoyable. Too bad it lasted only 30 minutes :P

Arrived at Hong Kong Station.  It was in the beginning of a work day but the station seemed quite quiet.  There, I walked to the Central MTR station to take the MTR subway. It only took about 6 minutes.

The situation on the MTR was totally different. As expected during rush hour, there were lots of commuters on the subway.

Infographic on the MTR was pretty clear and understandable :)

Finally got off the subway, but was hit by high humidity and 27 degrees of heat. Didn’t take long for me to start sweating ^^;;

Went to Cafe de Coral for breakfast. Cafe de Coral is a well known Chinese fast food chain in Asia. Kind of nostalgic to have breakfast there.

And got my rechargeable SIM card for the iPhone. “3” is a carrier that has some rechargeable plans for iPhone and iPad usage. The plan I picked was the HK$198 rechargeable plan with an HK$18 monthly charge, but a maximum HK$168 unlimited data usage charge per month. Glad I got this plan as data did come in handy especially when I forgot how to get to certain places and the internet saved the day.

The SIM card is literally free.  The package can be bought at any 7-Eleven and be recharged at 7-Eleven as well. Kind of making it hard to believe North American carriers charge us for the SIM card. In Vancouver they are “worth” C$25 to C$30…. :O

Do cellphone carriers in your area charge you for the SIM card?

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  1. Samejima
    Samejima says:

    Come visit the Philippines to experience our almost 40 degrees heat.. 40deg seems too much but lately the temperature isn’t far from 40degs..


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