Been extremely busy lately and have not been updating my blog as frequently as I like to.  Need to get back to the routine….

In Vancouver, the weather is rather unpredictable. I don’t blame the meteorologist for not being able to give us somewhat accurate forecast for tomorrow. As a matter of fact, it is probably not very important for most part of what I do because there is no point to wait until I have a sunny day to do what I need to do, right? :)

Do you like looking at clouds? I enjoy looking at them because they are very relaxing to look at. They change ever so subtly but can look totally different within a minute. It is quite mesmerizing.

Sometimes they remind me of Laputa. I swear I watch that movie 10+ times :)

Having a slower afternoon is such a luxury.

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  1. Ghostly_Substance
    Ghostly_Substance says:

    Lovely clouds heh. Love it when they turn reddish-pink during a sunset heh. Always like looking at the numerous layers of clouds, and at incoming thunderstorms. Just so relaxing.


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