Otacool 3

I finally got some photos of my recent workspace and submitted to figure.fm for the Otacool 3 Workspace. Here is what I submitted.

How many screens do you think I have on my desk?

My half finished Seravee Gundam…. And the GF Gouf. I really like Gouf for some reason.

Now that I gave my MSI Wind notebook away, I have my external monitor hooked up the iMac. It is kind of nice, I just need to make sure I put secondary windows in the external monitor as the System Menu being permanently located on the primary monitor makes having Photoshop or other tools in the secondary monitor a bit challenging to use.

Some of you were asking me about my “seat”. It is a regular 26″ exercising ball. It is nice that it allows me to have a lot of mobility in my lower body while sitting on it. And if I like, I could also try to balance myself on it while working. It is fun to use :)

And finally, my workspace has some bookshelves, except half of the shelves are for Gunplas, not books.

Have you submitted your Otacool 3 Workspace submissions? Either way, visit figure.fm Room category to check them out.

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  1. Mutsakman1
    Mutsakman1 says:

    Hey BatMouse. Thanks for the reply on Otacool. I am really interested in the wallpaper on your iMac (the girl). It just looks so nice :P

    Again, I thank you graciously for responding ^_^


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