Sensoji – Asakusa

These are some older photos I took during my first trip to Tokyo in 2003 October. It was a lot of fun. I met with friends of friends whom I have never met before and thanks to them, my first experience in Tokyo could not have been better.

I booked a hotel room in a hotel not too far from Sensoji in Asakusa. I remember the first night I arrived, it took a while to settle in the hotel because it was quite far from the train station. Luckily a friend was there to help me with finding the direction and making sure I settled properly. I owe that friend big time.

I don’t think Sensoji changed a lot over the years. Last year when we went to visit Tokyo, we stopped by at Sensoji and it was more or less the same. It was good in a way to know certain places will always look similar so that you can enjoy the atmosphere once again the next time you visit.

I was so glad that these photos turned out because I was borrowing my dad’s first digital camera, a Sony DSC-S75. It had a whopping 3.3 megapixel and a huge 1.8″ LCD. It wasn’t all that long ago (com’on, it was less than 8 years ago… wait that is almost a decade) but digital cameras have come a long way. Yet I am very pleased with the quality of the photos taken with this little (or big in today’s standard) point and shot digital camera. The noise level for this camera is probably much lower than a lot of new higher megapixel digital cameras if you ask me.

It was especially festive to see all the lanterns lit up. I wonder what the occasion was? Anyway, enjoy the rest of the photos!

Have you been to Sensoji? Would you go back to pay another visit?

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  1. FatB
    FatB says:

    Great photos especially for a old little digital camera… and at night to boot. We have a old Nikon that is 4 megapx, and it shoots great, noiseless daytime photos but can’t shoot nightime worth crap.

  2. k
    k says:

    took all those photos with your dad’s old camera? can’t really tell when they are in small size lol.

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      heh, ya, have to find a theme that allows me to post bigger photos. For now, you might be able to see the bigger size if you click on the small photo :)


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