One of a Kind Vancouver 2011

We went to One of a Kind Show and Sale Vancouver event on the weekend. It was great to see unique products being showcased by the creators and artists from all over North America. Here are some photos that were taken during the event.

The event was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre in downtown Vancouver. It is a great venue for events like this.

Boxes and boxes of originalities is what I can make out of this display :P

The above products are created by Mizzonk. They are quite beautiful and very zen.

Dahlhaus pottery is handmade by Heather Dahl in Vancouver. I like that her pottery is not thick and bulky, it is at the right mass that gives a practical solid feel to it.

Noei uses nice Japanese fabric to produce unique pouches, straps, hand bags and other accessories. Emi, creator of Noei, is super friendly. Feel free to drop her a note. Here are some more of her products.

These buttons are very cute :)

Forgot to note the name of this artist… They have some beautiful prints.

These T-shirts and bags are created by Retro Pop Namu. Artist Seiko Kobayashi is based in Seattle area. I am glad she likes cats as much as I do :)

These super cute felt creations are handmade by Him Creations. They look like to-die-for kind of gifts if they show up in a Christmas party. A few more photos of her products.

This is super festive! Shima Itabashi, the artist of Him Creations, were super nice about me taking photos of her products even though she had no photography signs up. :)

Melanie of Mena Dragonfly, creator of these fine pottery, has some great products. I love how her pottery feels significant and yet beautifully finished. Check out her web site for more information on her different product lines, all beautifully handmade. A few more photos below.

I really like these mugs. Simple designs attract me :)

Oh hey!! Roxypop Designs!! They got some pretty cute products and we got a couple items from them as well. Check out what they got below.

Fortune cookies with cat nip inside!!

Buttons treasure hunt!

This cashier is too awesome!

Nostalgic Links specializes in handcrafted cufflinks. Check out their web site for their complete catalog of unique cufflinks.

I am very impressed with the unique display they came up with.

Here we have some fine products from Twig Prints. Creator Abbie specializes in textile design and she creates these super nice canvas storage containers with her unique designs.

These are great quality containers that are a great alternative to the boring plastic ones.

If you like something more fun and a bit more eccentric, check out Nugs.

These crack me up.

Some create art pieces from Blackbird Pottery.

Very nice sake bottles.

Overall some very unique pottery.

Timber Green Woods from Wisconsin brought with them some nice ornaments just in time for the Christmas season.

Their wood ornaments are precision laser cut and nicely finished with a protective coating.

Check out their online catalog for more gift ideas.

Stems Vases has this clear vase product that is made of glass and aluminum for exterior and plexiglass as interior of the vase.

They are very popular at the show and I really like the clean and simple design.

Amy Wakefield, a Calgary-based photographer, had some very nice photos displayed at the show. Here prints are very artistic and very finely finished. You can get prints without frames, but I am particularly impressed by the framed versions that have clear resin coated. The glossy finish really brings out the color of the photos.

If you meet Amy in person, make sure you ask her about the story behind this crate. :)

Another kind of art is of course food. There are also a number of vendors selling food items. One of which is Swiss Bakery. They had shortbread cookies and Christmas Stollen for tasting and for sale. The stollen is very soft and flavourful. They mentioned that it takes 5 days to make the Christmas Stollen.

So yummy that I might have to visit their store to get more.

There are a lot more artists and vendors that I didn’t take photos of. Some of them I took photos but didn’t get their information. But here they are just for the record :)

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