Hong Kong Corner Houses

There are lots of old buildings in Hong Kong. I think the most interesting ones are the corner buildings with a round corner on every floor.  These buildings are pretty old, and most are not tall at all.  I would guess they are 50 to 60 years on average. I hope they will preserve these buildings are they are much more interesting than the new taller highrises built these days. Here are some photos of the corner houses I took while I was in Hong Kong.

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Richmond City Hall

We have been meaning to visit the City Hall for a while. It is located in the city center of Richmond. Because of its location, it is usually quite busy around there and that is the reason we avoid driving near that area for as long as we can :P

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UBC During Summer Break

It has been a while since I visited the University of British Columbia. I attended my classes there many many moons ago and now going there for a leisure walk has a totally different feeling. Especially during the summer break where there is hardly anyone around, it feels a bit deserted but feels like the campus is very calming. Hope you enjoy these photos taken during the Anime Evolution 2010.

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Sensoji – Asakusa

These are some older photos I took during my first trip to Tokyo in 2003 October. It was a lot of fun. I met with friends of friends whom I have never met before and thanks to them, my first experience in Tokyo could not have been better.

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The Waterfall Building, Vancouver

For a moment, I thought I was not in Vancouver.

The Waterfall Building by you.

The Waterfall Building does not look like a typical building you are likely to find in Vancouver.  Maybe because of the glass windows, or the concrete walls and concrete tiles on the ground.  This certainly does not remind me of Vancouver.  And how refreshing to see this building. Read more

Photo Walk 19 – Sun Yat-Sen Park and Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver

I have been to a Japanese Garden when I was visiting Tokyo.  This time, I visited a Chinese Garden in Vancouver.  The Sun Yat-Sen Park and Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden are two parts of the same facility in the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver in China Town.  The Park is free for admission.  The Classical Chinese Garden costs $10 per admission.

Let me take you for a tour.

Sun Yat-Sen Park by you.

This is the main entrance of the Chinese Cultural Centre.  What a contrast between the Chinese entrance and the Western hotel behind it!  Try 3D visualization using Google Street View of the front entrance. Read more