October is Time for Pumpkins

We are getting so close to Halloween and I can’t help to post some pumpkin photos. We are lucky that we have lots of pumpkin patches around our neighbourhood and it is always fun to visit them when they open only for the month of October.

Last year we also came to this pumpkin patch. We like how neat this little pumpkin patch is and they offer a lot of choices of pumpkins and gourds.

The Village Garden is located at No. 2 Road just south of Steveston Hwy.

You won’t miss it because you are greeted by Mr. Joyful Scarecrow!

There are so many pumpkins to choose from.

And so many different kinds of them.

Like these ones…

Or these ones.  Don’t they look like candies?

These remind me of mushrooms :)

There are lots of gourds, too.

Gourds are odd but somewhat artistic :P

You could almost arrange them like sculpture.

And of course, you can mix pumpkins and gourds and to have a nice arrangement for your Autumn seasonal festivities.

Autumn is kind of short here in Vancouver.  We are starting to have more rain and less sunshine. Hopefully, the weather on the Halloween weekend will have some sunny breaks for some more Autumn photography :)

Happy Halloween to you all!!

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