Nakamise at Asakusa

Asakusa is one of those places that I love to visit every time I come to Tokyo. Not a whole lot has changed since the first time I visited in 2003. And compared to the time we visited there in 2009, this time the weather cooperated a lot nicer. Apart from Sensouji, Nakamise (仲見世) is a great stroll for getting おみやげ for friends and family!

By the time we got there, the sun was already setting but it makes the photos more interesting.

There are lots of tourists and locals walking through Nakamise.

The 甘酒 (ama zake, sweet rice wine) at this store is very nice.  ¥100 for a small cup is not cheap but it is warm and sweet.

I didn’t know they would sell out so quickly, I missed getting a second cup.

There are loads of other お菓子 (おかし, okashi, Japanese confection) to try.

Tokyo Skytree is not open yet but the construction is mainly completed. You can see it even from Asakusa.

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