iPhone 3GS and Trip to Hong Kong Part 3

Since I was already in Hong Kong, the chances of getting Japanese goods were very good. There were lots of Japanese food to choose from. Even though it was not like actually visiting Japan, I was satisfied with the choices available. These photos were taken using an iPhone 3GS with Camera+.

Once of my favorite places is MOS Burger.  Since we don’t have an MOS Burger store in Vancouver, having it during the trip in Hong Kong is a no brainer. Genki Burger :) Very yummy….

I also had the Hokkaido Green Tea ice cream with the burger. It needed to be defrosted a bit….

There are also Japanese supermarkets to be found in major shopping areas.

You can get cooked Japanese food for very reasonable prices.

Of course, there are sushi bento boxes to be had as well.

There are also lots of cafes and restaurants that serve Japanese food.  I really enjoyed the sukiyaki style Pepper Lunch combo.  You are given a hot metal bowl to cook the meet, and when the meat is done, you can mix in the rice to for a really flavored lunch.

There are numerous Japanese ramen chain stores in Hong Kong as well.  We went to Sanpachi for ramen and gyoza.  It was delicious.

Just looking at the menu makes me drool… :P

As much as I like Japanese fast food, the Yoshinoya in Hong Kong disappointed me….  The meat was a bit too soggy and the flavor was a bit blend.

Well, at least, it is pretty hard to go wrong with curry.  This katsu with curry on rice tasted pretty authentic.

Japanese style spaghetti is also pretty good.

As for desserts, there are lots to choose from as well.  Like this Milkissimo Gelato store.

They serve beautifully created gelato using milk from Hokkaido. They tasted very good as well.

If you want desserts that are fancier, try Azabusabo.  Here are some photos of their menu pages to tease you :P

One of my other favorite Japanese sweets is Mochi Cream. Mochi on the outside, ice cream on the inside.  Definitely, a great way to fight the summer heat :)

And there are lots of flavors, too.  Too bad I couldn’t bring any of them home…

Beard Papa’s is also pretty popular in Hong Kong. There are also Beard Papa’s stores in some of the MTR stations.

Apart from food, of course, there are Japanese toys.


1/12 Gundam

and 1/12 Zaku.

You got room? The 1/12 Gundam can be had for HK$35,999.

There are a couple Animate stores that I visited in Hong Kong. They have good selections but their prices are not very competitive.

And also, toy stores specializing in figures. The Iron Man from Hot Toys is very popular.

Well, I felt there is too much to see and too little time.  Hong Kong is definitely a mesmerizing kind of place for shopping and eating. I wonder if there is a way one could have tried and visited every single restaurant/store in Hong Kong!?

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  1. Howie
    Howie says:

    NOt a bad substitute for Japan. I miss Mos burgers. But for us around here, I’d rather go to Hawaii to satisfy my Japan cravings.

  2. k
    k says:

    You could move to HK for a year. That would give you 5×365=1825 opportunities to eat outside. Provided you eat 5 times a day. It’s much less if you only eat 3 times a day… :p


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