iPhone 4 Photography

The iPhone 4’s camera is a humble 5 megapixel camera, however, with the help of some apps, it can generate some pretty interesting photos. The above photo was taken using Camera+ and applied a “Vintage” border.

I have been using Camera+ and TiltShiftGen in different occasions and are quite pleased with the options and effects they generate.  Overall, Camera+ is less harsh in it’s effects, TiltShiftGen tends to be a bit “heavy-handed” even with the sliding controls it provides. But that is how it creates some toy camera like effects as well.  The above photo was tuned using Camera+ and applied a simple black border.

Let me know if you like these effects :)

This photo was modified using Camera+ by tuning the color and applied a “View Finder” border.

This photo of Ginko was tuned using Camera+ and applied a simple black border to it.

This photo of Yoshi has been modified by both TiltShiftGen and Camera+.

This photo of Yoshi was givien a Backlit Scene, then applied a 70% Lomographic Effect to the photo, and cropped to Golden ratio all inside Camera+.

This photo of Yoshi is lightly tuned in Camera+ and applied a Light Mat border.

This photo of Yoshi was given the “Expired” Analog Effect and a Thick White border.

You can get Camera+ for $0.99, find out more about Camera+ here: http://campl.us/ This app is addictive ^^/

You can get TiltShiftGen for $0.99 as well, find out more about TiltShiftGen here: http://artandmobile.com/tiltshift/ This app is fun :)

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    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Hi Samejima, the iPhone4 comes with a humble 5 Megapixel camera with autofocus function. I enjoy using it when I don’t want to take out the gear with me :)


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