Lumix GF2 and Trip to Hong Kong – Part 1

Other than using an iPhone 3GS, the Lumix GF2 is the other photo equipment I brought along on my trip to Hong Kong. Here are some of the photos I took during the trip.

Hong Kong International Airport. Arrived bright and early.

Taking the Airport Express towards Hong Kong Island.

The density of apartments in Hong Kong always makes me feel weirdly familiar.

Looks like boxes and boxes of families all stacked up in a concrete structure.

I do miss the light at night in Hong Kong.

For some reason, I am very attracted to the traditional buildings in Hong Kong. I don’t think I want to live in one but looking at them is definitely intriguing to me.

The older they are, the more texture they have.

It is hard to imagine how the original windows can still operate properly. This building is probably 40 years old.

This street is full of grocery stores on the ground level. If you live above, you won’t be able to sleep in.

Fancy some awesome slippers?

Trams have been around in Hong Kong for the longest time. It is still the most affordable form of transportation though it is not the most comfortable during hot weather as they do not have air conditioning.

Often times, you will find new buildings standing just beside old ones.

And new buildings are often double the height of the old ones. Odd but necessary.

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