MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka

Santa (aka my wife) has been very nice to me this year. A special gift was delivered directly from Japan right on Christmas Eve. I usually buy my own Gundam model kits but this time my wife decided to get one for me. I am very spoiled.

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Latest Gunpla Purchases

I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted about Gundam.  I guess I have been spending more time watching Gundam anime than doing any other Gundam related activities.  Since I have not made much progress with my last Gunpla project, there is nothing to report.  However I am going to record at least what are the latest Gunpla purchases since the last time I posted about my Gunpla collection.

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iPhone 3GS and Trip to Hong Kong Part 3

Since I was already in Hong Kong, the chances of getting Japanese goods were very good. There were lots of Japanese food to choose from. Even though it was not like actually visiting Japan, I was satisfied with the choices available.

These photos were taken using an iPhone 3GS with Camera+.

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HG Seravee Gundam – Part 9

Months went by since I last worked on my HG Seravee Gundam…. It was a busy summer for me and I ended up not being able to work on any of my gunplas.  So now I have a very big back log of them. Time to get working again!

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HG Seravee Gundam – Part 7

Making some small progress today. Sanding down most of the putty I put on to cover up the surface imperfections.  The “arms” of Seraphim Gundam is pretty bad as you can tell with the amount of putty left on the surface after sanding.

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