Canada Line North Arm Bridge

Been crossing the North Arm Bridge tons of times, almost daily commuting to and from work on the Canada Line Skytrain.  But have never walked on it. This is my first time crossing it by foot and surprised to find that it is not as far as I was thinking.

I got on it from the Vancouver side going back to Richmond. The walkway for pedestrians and bikes are off to the west side of the bridge.

Here you have to watch out for bikers :)

Looking back on the Vancouver side.

Finds it kind of symbolic here that all three objects has something to do with electricity.  Yes, the Skytrain that runs on the track uses electricity as it’s power source, and that block of concrete is where the tracks are one.  Okay, I cheated a bit when I said three objects here….

Nonetheless, it is very nice to have finally been able to enjoy a mass-transit system after living here for, emmmm… decades….

Here is the view you can observe while you are on the bridge.  I think it is a great view for sunset photos.

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