Vancouver International Airport

Was out and about with my Sony Alpha NEX-5N a couple weekends ago and took these photos at the Vancouver International Airport.  Wife and I took the Canada Line sky train out there to save some gas, and to take advantage of our local transportation system.  It was cloudy but the photos turn out better than I expected.

This is the terminal (or terminus station, depends where on earth you are from) of the Canada Line that goes to the airport. YVR is the airport code for Vancouver International Airport.

Most of the time, the drop off lane is busier than this.

The upper level is for departure, the lower level is for arrival.  I still remember when we first migrated to Vancouver, we often would come to the airport to pickup relatives who visited us.  I am grateful that we live relatively close to the airport and that makes traveling a lot easier.

This is the US departure area.  There are lots of counters for different airlines flying to the States.  There are also automatic check-in terminals like most international airports do.

Lovely LED information panel.

The carts at YVR are not as nice as those in HKG. These ones here don’t have brakes…. So if you leave it on a slope and not pay attention, you might lose your luggage….

There are plenty of souvenir stores at YVR for those travelers who didn’t spend time to do smarter shopping :P

This side is for domestic departure to other Canadian cities.

Lovely lighting.  I felt calmer already….

Really like how they arrange the otherwise boring fluorescent tubes into more dynamic arrangement.

This corridor leads back to the Canada Line terminal. It took me a while to get an opportunity with no one on it to take this picture.

So peaceful! Other times I have been here were a lot busier and some drivers would be impatient about waiting to get the curb lane to offload passengers and their luggage.

It was about sunset, days are getting shorter as we approach Winter.

Native’s artwork being displayed in lots of places at the airport.  If you are interested in native art, the airport is definitely a good place to hang out.  Can you see all the buildings far far away?  Richmond didn’t use to have so many “high rises”. They are residential buildings and most of them are below 20 stories tall.  The population density is increasing in Vancouver in general.

On our way back from the airport.  We managed to get a couple of seats at the end of the train so we can see the airport traveling away from us, relatively….

Rain clouds are what we will have for the most part in Winter.  We can hope for the occasional sunny breaks but in general Winter in Vancouver is wet and cloudy, sometimes windy.

Hope you enjoyed the trip out to the airport with us! :)

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    • Kam
      Kam says:

      New toys are always nice. Can’t wait till they release the 50mm f1.8 lens for this camera. They are also releasing a 30mm f2.8 macro. It is certainly a lot lighter and just as responsive as a DSLR. The picture quality is so far so good :)


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