Monte Carlo, Monaco

Our next stop was Monte Carlo, Monaco. It is a beautiful city, it also feels very posh and very expensive.

It was close to the Grand Prix season so we saw some of the prep work of the tracks.

You could almost imagine the energy and noise, the cheering crowds when the Formula 1s race through the tracks.

Or maybe you have already experienced it virtually on a game console! Speaking of Formula 1, the 2013 season will start in a few days and the first stop is Melbourne!

It is not all about speed. I ran into this 4-wheeler 2-seater Renault Twizy electric vehicle that can be charged using a domestic electrical outlet and has a range of 100 km. For North America, 100 km is not practical as some people travel that far every day just to get to work, but I love the idea of having a vehicle that consumes no gasoline and can be charged by just plugging it to a wall plug.

I would get one if they are available here in Canada.

Of course, a scooter has always been a low energy option for easy commuting if you don’t mind getting rained on once in a little while.

These vehicles are perfectly fine for the urban streets and roads here in Monte Carlo.

One must, of course, visit the Prince’s Palace of Monaco in Monte Carlo.

And one cannot miss Saint Nicholas Cathedral also.

Some neighbourhood streets.

It was a very brief visit to Monte Carlo and in the late afternoon, we set sail to our next destination.

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