Crane wishes you Long Life, Prosperity and Good Health in 2010

Was out at night having a leisure walk with my camera.  Walking along this little waterway in the dark, suddenly I saw a crane only a few feet away from me.  It was so dark that I couldn’t see it when I was further away.  The crane was shocked that I was looking at it and it flew away.  In the darkness, I could only guess that it flew in a certain direction.  With a camera handy, I pointed it to the general direction and started shooting.

Guess I was lucky! The crane didn’t fly too far.  Maybe about 50 feet or so.  With the help of a tripod, all I got left to do is to guess the distance by trial and error.  Auto focus did not work at such low light level.

I couldn’t see the crane with naked eyes but the camera certainly helped.  By slowly adjusting the focus and looking at the photos taken, I was able to get some half decent shots.

Well, the crane pretended that it was minding its own business, and was probably hoping I would do the same.

With the crane being so corporative in modelling in front of my camera, I here wish all of you a year of long life, prosperity and good health in 2010.

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  1. battrastard
    battrastard says:

    Great pic’s! Nice to see the crane being so cooperative. *linked over from* Thanks for sharing some awesome photo’s.


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