iPhone 4 Bumper Case

As promised by Apple, customers who got their iPhone 4’s before the end of September would be eligible for a case to help alleviate the reception problems from the poor antenna design of the iPhone 4. Personally, I have not had any particular reception issues where I need to use the iPhone 4. I can see the signal strength drops if I grip the iPhone the way we are “not supposed to” but I can easily change how I hold it as well. It hasn’t deterred me from enjoy using the iPhone 4. Well, now with the bumper case, I should enjoy the iPhone 4 even more.

There isn’t much to the packaging of the Bumper case. And the installation instructions are pretty self-explanatory.

I didn’t realize that there are actually chromed buttons on the bumper case to match those buttons on the phone, except for the ringer mute button which is exposed directly.

It adds a little bit to the overall dimension of the phone but it is not excessive. I know a lot of people like other alternatives that wrap around the entire phone but I don’t mind exposing the glass surface.

It adds a bit more grip on the phone. The bare stainless steel and glass surface can be slippery. Hopefully, it is easy enough to put in and take out of my jacket with the bumper case.

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    • Kam
      Kam says:

      I am already missing the stainless steel and glass finish…. The iPhone 4 design surely tops the original iPhone :)


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