Macro Food Photos 2

This is the second instalment of macro food photos. This time the theme is dessert! Don’t look if you don’t have access to food incase your stomach complains too much and you can’t do anything about it ^^

The photo above is a hazel nut cheese cake. It has chocolate toping and hazel nut flavored whipped cream decoration. The side of the cake is sprinkled with crunched nuts to add extra flavor. The layered cheese cake makes a super delightful dessert.

This next piece of cake is blueberry mousse cake. Topped with fruity blueberry glaze, the layered blueberry mousse and sponge cake creates a perfect balance of sweetness and lightness. Again the side of the cake is sprinkled with crunched nuts.

A closer examination of the top glaze; its translucent property lets light passes through.

How about some chocolate coffee cheese cake? It is a chocolate lover’s delight. Topped with a layer of dark chocolate from top to side, bottom edge is finished with milk chocolate shavings. Layering with coffee flavored cheese cake and coffee flavored whipped cream decoration, it sure will satisfy your cravings for something evil.

Next, we have mango mousse cake. It looks plain and simple, but the fruitiness and the right balance of mousse and layered sponge cake makes this desert a perfect companion to your cup of tea.

And if you desire coffee, it is okay. Coffee makes a good combination with desserts. Com’on, you got to enjoy some sweetness once in a while. Indulge to your heart’s content!

And if all those other cakes feel too complicated, how about a home made Japanese style cheese cake with blueberries on top? Nothing too fancy, just pure goodness.

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    • Kam
      Kam says:

      We bought two pieces of each cake and it took us 4 days to finish them :) It was a lot of cakes for the two of us but I couldn’t resist the good looking desserts, and they tasted very yummy in case you wonder :)


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