Visiting Tokyo (Part 8)

Let’s continue with more food-related pictures, shall we?  This time, I am going to show you some other food we had in other restaurants. One problem with going to a restaurant is that the menus are usually in Japanese only.  Luckily, we were tagging along with our Japanese friends so we didn’t have to do any ordering ourselves.

I think the great pictures in the menus make you order more food, or drinks in this case.

We started with some pasta appetizer.

Then we had Mochi and potato balls.  They are chewy but tastes like fries at the same time.

And Gyoza with pork inside arrived.

Tamago, too.

Yakitori skewers are very very tasty.  We ordered the shio flavor.

Some kind of meat skewers that tastes like sausage inside….

Cheese fries, must try!

And finally some Agedashi tofu.

Next, we tried some small dishes at the Elephant Cafe in Harajuku.  You can find the map here.

Ok, guess what this is….  Deep Fried Chicken Cartilage.  It is quite crunchy and tasty.  Danny mentioned about this particular dish as well.

Garlic potato wedges ^^

Kimchi on tofu, great for the summer.

Friends took us to Yokohama and we had some Chinese food, too.

Fried rice, it is nicely made and not greasy.

Cashew, chicken and vegetables.

Shark fin soup , but no, I don’t think we had real shark fin.

BBQ pork with noodles.

On a different day, we also had Chinese food with friends, they introduced us to Japanese style Chinese food.

This is ebi mayo (deep fried prawn with mayo on top).

Pan fried vegetables.

Pork with red pepper and veggie.

Are there any dishes you like to try?   There will be more Japan food posts coming soon.

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  1. YuKi-To
    YuKi-To says:

    wa, that’s a lot of appetisers on the first set of pics! ^^

    would love to eat lots of them, but their usually very pricey for their quantity ;(

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Yes, they are like mini sets…. but yummy. The weather was so hot that we didn’t have a large appetite so it worked out very well.


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