Korean BBQ in Tokyo

One of the best meals we had while in Tokyo is Korean BBQ. We were invited to a friend’s family restaurant to enjoy authentic Korean BBQ and Korean food. The beef they served was fresh and juicy, and the Korean BBQ makes them extra tasty.

This is the restaurant and we went there one during our trip in 2009 as well.

A table top BBQ. Even though it is small, it is very powerful.

Homemade kimchi is the best :)

And bean sprouts. Very fresh and is a great appetizer.

Jinro sujo?

Here starts the photos of the beef we tasted.

That was a lot of delicious meat. Each cut of beef has slightly different flavour.

Pumpkin congee :)

And then we finished our meals with Korean spicy noodles! So spicy but so good!!!!  I particularly like the cold spicy noodles.

Our Korean friends in Tokyo treated us very well every time we visit. Here is what we had last time. It is definitely a restaurant we like to visit every time we go to Tokyo.

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