QE Park / Autumn Colours

Autumn is my favourite season, it is colourful, crisp and the sunlight casts lots of shadows because of the angle the sun is in the sky. It certainly makes taking pictures more interesting. We went to Queen Elizabeth Park and I was testing out the Sony Alpha NEX-5N camera with the kit lens.

As most of you know, certain plants blooms twice a year; Spring and Autumn. It is certainly not uncommon to see beautiful flowers even just before Winter.

Looks like they just mowed the lawn as well :)

The weather was so mild that I would like to have this kind of weather every day if I could :)

Lots of people were also taking photos at the park.  I tried to avoid taking shots with people inside but it is not easy especially at this angle.

Vancouver has a lot of green trees and plants. There are a lot of maple trees but not all of them turn red.  Still need to hunt them down so that I can have more pictures of red maple leaves.

Time is running short for bees to collect more nectar for Winter.

Pine cones are easy to be found. Some of them smell nice, too.

Tree leaves have started to fall for a few weeks now. We will soon see more trees with bare branches.

I like the lawn clean for most of the year but I particularly don’t mind the leaves on the lawn at this time of the year.

Forgot to mention, Sony cameras come with some tricks. One of which is the ability to automatically stitch together multiple shots into a panorama photo. The NEX-5N of course also comes with this feature. All you have to do is to switch to panorama mode and press and hold the shutter button while you turn in the direction indicated on the screen.  The camera will do the rest.  It is quite amazing and effortless to create extra wide shots with this camera.  A larger version of this shot is here.

It was totally relaxing to be out in a park on a day like this.  When I was younger, I didn’t understand why my parents like to go to take a walk in the park. Now I am starting to understand that feeling. Guess I am not a young lad anymore :)

Finally some red leaves at the park.

Need to find more read leaves before they all fall off the branches :)

I don’t think these berries are edible but they start to remind me of Christmas. Speaking of which, we are only 9 weeks away from Christmas!  Got to start getting ready :)

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