Pumpkin Shopping

This is the season for harvesting, and this is also the pumpkin season.  With Halloween only three weeks away, many local farms got tonnes of pumpkins just in season to celebrate the fall harvest festivity.

It is always exciting to see pumpkins popping out from the ground, seemingly all of a sudden.  They are usually covered by vines and you don’t see them until the leaves of the vines are withered away from the colder temperature at night in the fall season.

This is what I mean when they are covered by the vines and are usually quite hidden, so when you see them all exposed when the season is right, it feels like a little trickery in the works :P

Other than going for pumpkins in a supermarket, it is actually more fun to visit a farm to hand pick your pumpkins.

There we found different sizes, different kinds, different colours, different shapes…

Some are still on the tracker taken right off from the field.

A lot of them are already nicely placed on the ground for easy picking and choosing.  They range from $3 to $8 each depending on size.

A whole bunch are sitting on top of the fence, guarding the farmer’s house (imagine faces on them please).

And these are lining up to greet the farmer when he comes home from the field.

Do you celebrate Halloween?  Do you get pumpkins to cook or to decorate?

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